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German Chartered Accountants
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65936 Frankfurt am Main,

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Welcome to
AK Indo-German Audit GmbH


(German Chartered Accountants)


AK Indo-German Audit GmbH is a firm of German Chartered Accountants with

  • Ashok Kumar VERMA
  • Klaus-Jürgen RUDOLPH

as Shareholders and Geschäftsführer (Directors) – both with a continuous experience of more than 30 years in Auditing, Accounting, Business Consulting, Mergers und Acquisitions etc.

We assist Indian investors in Germany and German investors in India to achieve their business success.

We connect Indian experties and cultural values to German environment and German techniques and culture to India.

Your knowledge and initiatives are the pillars for the capabilities and innovations of AK Indo-German Audit GmbH and its high qualifications, competence and experiences ensures success.

Our network within Germany and worldwide is strong and independent. Our decisions are independent and ours.